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CORE Realty Holdings, LLC, and its affiliates own and professionally manage over 10.6 million square feet of commercial and multi-family real estate located throughout the United States for its owners and private investors. The company and its affiliates have over 70 employees with real estate expertise in all phases of finance, development, acquisitions, asset and property management, and dispositions. We are not only major property owners of our own portfolio, but also realty advisors for investors seeking to maximize their cash-on-cash returns using experienced managers with a proven track record.

CORE not only describes the quality of properties we buy, but also our business model. We acquire and manage well-located commercial properties in urban CORE markets and provide Co-Ownership of Real Estate (CORE) replacement properties for our 1031 exchange investors using the ever-popular model of Tenant-In-Common (TIC) ownership format.

CORE Realty Holdings, LLC focuses on the acquisition of core and value-added real estate investments. With both of these strategies, we concentrate on the creation of institutional quality portfolios that will out-perform the market in a controlled risk environment.

CORE targets the acquisition of quality middle-market office, industrial, retail and multi-family assets. The proven stability of these assets provides a particularly strong foundation for institutional real estate portfolios in all market cycles.

Our approach is to acquire low and moderate risk investment grade properties with high current cash flow, where our proactive asset management strategies can add value through the investment process. We acquire investments at prices below intrinsic value, creating an immediate margin of safety for our valued clients.

Through industry associations, professional relationships, and market analysis, our acquisitions professionals review hundreds of millions of dollars worth of opportunities each month to acquire assets that are most consistent with our clients' investment objectives. CORE's thorough understanding of how markets re-spond to changes in supply and demand enables us to maximize client returns.

CORE's investment philosophy is predicated on the fundamental principles to control risk, maximize op-portunity and capture value in every real estate investment.

  • Value can be maximized through diligent oversight and strong internal controls. CORE captures value by proac-tively managing each asset to ensure that its customized investment strategy is implemented effectively. CORE's in-vestment committee and portfolio managers are involved actively in the implementation of the investment strategy in order to maximize revenue and control operating and capital expenses throughout the investments' holding period.
  • Risk can be controlled through meticulous due diligence and research. CORE controls risk by basing investment decisions on an in-depth analysis of both the market and the operational factors that will affect the performance of each asset. By analyzing all factors that affect each asset, CORE creates and implements a more effective investment strategy.
  • Investment opportunities exist in all market cycles. Real estate markets are inefficient and cyclical, which creates investment opportunities in all phases of the market cycle. CORE's seasoned professionals have proven their com-petence through all market cycles and can identify opportunities and strategies appropriate for the current market conditions.

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